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Activity 15.5: The local health department shall ensure that new staff is oriented to program policies and procedures and existing staff receives training on any updated or revised program policies and procedures.

The Onslow County Health Department has a comprehensive job competency checklist for all employees. Each position in the health department was thoroughly analyzed to develop the checklist.

From the Onslow County Health Department — We originally had a generic new employee orientation checklist. During our monthly Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement meetings, we determined that each division was using a modified version of the checklist based on orientation of new staff members to their work within the specific division. We collected all the versions of the checklists and combined them into one spreadsheet. For this updated competency checklist, we focused on the competencies employees need to successfully function independently in their specific positions within the divisions. We put tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet starting with a general checklist that all employees need to know and then added tabs by division that detailed employees’ specific roles. The supervisor completes the general checklist and applicable division checklist with the new employee, who initials each of the competencies as they are achieved.

If you have any questions about the job competency checklist, you can contact Jeff Sieber at

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