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The Henderson County Health Department created a checklist to track annual accreditation activities. The checklist includes the activities with evidence requirements that are due annually, within two years and within one year. They also include annual activities where only the most recent is required for evidence. They use a “stoplight” color coding approach to track progress. Anita Glance, the Agency Accreditation Coordinator (AAC), is notified throughout the year when evidence has been placed in the electronic folder. In addition, Anita reviews all of the evidence that has been submitted in the folder prior to the end of their accreditation year and codes each activity accordingly with either C (Complete) – I (In-progress) or – N (No Evidence). After entering the letter code, the cell is colored as follows:
Henderson County stoplight color code chart
According to Anita, “The system with checklist is very helpful to keep us on track, identify evidence needs and gaps before year end and it serves as a great resource for staff to quickly identify gaps each year.” View the full checklist. If you have any questions or for additional information, please email Anita Glance at

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