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North Carolina Local Health Department 
Accreditation Program
Monthly Highlights
May 2019


NCLHD Accreditation Dashboard On-Boarding
We will begin on-boarding all health departments to the new NCLHD Accreditation Dashboard this month.The timeline for when your health department will be asked to provide information for the dashboard, along with the information that you will be asked to provide, is listed below. All health departments are expected to receive access to their dashboard on July 19.

Information Requested for the Dashboard
Each health department will have 10 users. You will be able to assign different levels of access to each user. We will provide more information about user types and levels of access when we send you the request for information.

On-boarding Timeline

Read below for more about the dashboard tutorials that will be posted on our website and the training that will be provided at the annual workshop.

NCLHD Accreditation Annual Skills-Building Workshop – Registration Opening Soon!

The theme of this year’s workshop is The Life Changing Magic of the NCLHD Accreditation Dashboard. The workshop will be held August 8-9, 2019 at the Conference Center at Guilford Technical College, Colfax N.C.** Workshop participants will learn how to use the new NCLHD Accreditation Dashboard. The workshop will focus on the AACs use of the dashboard; however, other health department staff are welcome to attend.

In addition to learning how to use the dashboard for our program, the workshop will features stories from health departments that have already started to use the dashboard and a representative from Knowledge Capital Alliance, who created the VMSG Dashboard, will be presenting on the full range of performance management features that are available through the dashboard.

Registration is limited to 120 participants.

**Please note this is a new location for the Workshop.



Regional Workgroups
Counties across North Carolina have formed Regional Workgroups to support their Accreditation efforts. These workgroups provide an opportunity for AACs and other health department staff to work together on Accreditation efforts by discussing activities, sharing examples of Accreditation strategies and helping each other prepare for site visits. These workgroups are not managed or organized by the NCLHD Accreditation Program; however, we do keep an updated list of the workgroups as a resource for AACs.

The workgroups are now posted on our website.

AAC Regional Advisory Committee
The AAC Regional Advisory Committee is now posted on our website. Each Regional Workgroup has designated a representative to serve on the AAC Advisory Council. The AAC Advisory Council represents the needs and interest of local AACs in providing perspective to Accreditation Program trainings, materials, and tools. If you have any questions about a Regional Workgroup, you can reach out to representative to learn more.



NCLHD Accreditation Board Meeting: May 10, 2019, 10 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. Durham County Human Services Complex, conference room A, 414 E. Main St., Durham, NC.

NCLHD Accreditation Annual Skills-Building Workshop: August 8-9, 2019, Conference Center at Guilford Technical College, Colfax N.C. Registration will open in May 2019.


Brenna Wolfe, RN, BSN, the Clinical Supervisor and AAC at the Wayne County Health Department shares how she tracks evidence over the Accreditation Cycle:

According to Brenna, “The Accreditation Cycle happens so fast. When the Site Visitors leave, you can finally breathe. The next thing you know a year has passed and then another.” She explains that her first year as the Agency Accreditation Coordinator was a “jump in and swim” learning experience. And that, in the past, evidence wasn’t gathered until they received their 90-day notification letter. She vowed that after their 2018 site visit, she would not let that happen again. As soon as the Site Visit Team left, she ordered a paper calendar even though, she says, “I know most use electronic calendars!”

Brenna purchased a two-year calendar and plugged in the evidence needed and the activity number on dates that she needed to request evidence. She explained that many of their staff don’t keep emails for three to four years. So, she put a six-month reminder in her calendar to prompt her to reach out to staff and ask for communications from anyone that may have had contact with the State, County Commissioners or the Board of Health. This system has helped her collect numerous pieces of evidence including one-time pieces of evidence. According to Brenna, “the feedback that I have received from staff is that they like how I ask as we go along instead of waiting for the 90-day window.” She added, “it also helps me to not feel so overwhelmed.”

According to Brenna, “everyone has their own methods to collect evidence, but this calendar keeps tasks from piling up and provides more than a day or two staff to gather evidence. In short, the calendar works for me and our agency. Good luck to all the agencies that have their site visits this year!”

If you have any questions for Brenna about her calendar system, you can email her at


Share your tips and tricks for accreditation success with other local health departments across the state. If you have a tip or trick that you would like to share, send a summary, no more than 500 words including the activity addressed and any lessons learned. Please send your submission to Stories will be shared via these monthly highlights.

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