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Wendy Kennon, Health Education Supervisor/Safe Kids Coordinator
Randolph County Public Health

Wendy Kennon, a Co-AAC in Randolph County, and her team use a combination of approaches to track and store their evidence for Accreditation. First, each staff member who is responsible for submitting evidence is issued a milk crate storage bin. The bins contain folders labeled with Benchmark numbers so that paper copies of evidence can be stored, and when one of the AACs request pieces of evidence, staff members have it readily available.

Secondly, Wendy and her Co-AAC review evidence quarterly during each cycle year instead of waiting until the end of each year. This review timeline ensures that they are not overwhelmed at the end and do not miss fulfilling an Activity.

Lastly, they keep an excel spreadsheet similar to the one mentioned by Henderson County in the July 2018 Monthly Highlights and use it during their quarterly review. The sheet is color coded and lists each Benchmark, each year’s evidence (if it’s an annually reported activity) and whether it has been completed or not, in-progress or no evidence.

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