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According to Marcy Williams, Caswell County Health Department AAC:

“COVID-19 has brought public health to the forefront as first responders and as health care providers. As with counties across NC, Caswell County Health Department has partnered with some local health care providers for years. However, due to COVID-19, we have been able to establish new relationships with area nursing homes, as well as some other county departments, like Solid Waste. Additionally, we have strengthened our relationships with the local prisons, Emergency Services, 911, law enforcement, volunteer fire, and even Cooperative Extension. Most of these previously mentioned partners and agencies have been involved in some capacity in community testing. Caswell County Health Department partnered with our local Cooperative Extension agents to reach our farmworker populations to educate farmworkers on COVID-19 and provide PPE. We partnered with Emergency Services and have utilized one of their paramedics in the community paramedic capacity, which is a new role locally. That paramedic has been a great asset to the county and has gone out to homes with known positives to check vital signs and assess for any needs. There has been at least one instance where the paramedic found abnormal vital signs and recommended hospital care. That patient was hospitalized and was able to return home after a few days in the hospital. We hate to think what might have happened had the paramedic not discovered the abnormal vital signs in a timely fashion. We look forward to continuing to work with our partners and develop innovative and collaborative ideas even after the COVID-19 situation subsides and other projects and topics can benefit from our partnerships and relationships.”

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