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Canva is a graphic design platform used to create social media graphics, presentations, posters, documents and other visual content. The platform is free to use and offers paid subscriptions. Health departments can use Canva to create quick, eye-catching graphics. For example, the Mecklenburg County Health Department uses Canva to create title slides for training videos, certificates, posters and signs. They created the Client Rights & Responsibilities Poster with graphics from Canva and then put them in a Word document so that anyone who needs to make edits and is not familiar with Canva can go back and easily format and make edits.


The Hotline Heroes sign was created so that new hotline staff could find their seats. According to Kayla Earley, Compliance Coordinator, Mecklenburg County Health Department, “Canva is easy to use and creates professional looking products. We have even found ways to create hybrid products, like the Client Rights & Responsibilities poster so that any staff, even those who don’t use Canva, can edit documents.”

For more information contact Kayla Earley, Mecklenburg County Compliance Coordinator


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