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New Releases

Fall Webinar Series

We launched the Fall Webinar Series on August 31 with “Back to Strategy: Turning plans into actions.” Throughout the fall, we will be focusing on ways that we are moving the program forward in the coming year and preparing for site visits again. Learn more and register for upcoming webinars on our website, where you can also view recordings of previous webinars.

Staff Transitions

Margaret Benson Nemitz, who has been coordinating the accreditation program’s strategic projects in the past year, is now a permanent member of the Accreditation Team as the Strategic Approaches Coordinator. Margaret will be handling more accreditation coordination in her new role, while Lori Rhew transitions to focus more specifically on training opportunities. You may have also noticed Ali Zuercher, a 2021 Gillings MPH graduate, on recent webinars. Ali has been working mostly behind the scenes on our strategic projects, and we are incredibly grateful for her support.

NC Tracks Requests

We have heard from many of you about confusion over NCTracks request for an accreditation number and now accreditation of ambulatory services. We are trying to work with DPH to sort out this confusion. In the meantime, here is the most recent advice we have received:

Current work around for the accreditation number requirement: Add five 9’s (“99999”) in the Accreditation# field, and list 12/31/9999 as the expiration date.

Current information to share with Non-Health Department Practices that contact the LHD:
NC Division of Health Benefits (Medicaid) has shared that the two taxonomy codes for Ambulatory Health Care Facilities that are mentioned in the notice including 261QP0905X (Public Health; State or Local) and 261QP2300X (Primary Care) are both Health Department-specific taxonomy codes. What DHB says is “that taxonomy is a Primary Care for Health Department which is what is triggering [the accreditation] requirement.”

If the practice is not a health department-affiliated practice, the best suggestion is to direct the issue to the Medicaid Provider Ombudsman by either calling 866-304-7062 or by email at

If you have further questions, we encourage you to direct your questions to Candice DuVernois at

Accreditation in Action

HDSAI Interpretation Document E-Learn

In August, we released the first NCLHD Accreditation E-learn. The online module is ten minutes long and provides an overview of the key features of the 2022 HDSAI Interpretation document including the activity information template, activity crosswalks and timeline terminology. We encourage all members of the accreditation team to review the E-learn – especially as we prepare to resume site visits in 2022!

QI Design Team

We once again would like to thank Population Health Improvement Partners and our QI Design Team participants representing Burke County, Dare County, Martin-Tyrrell-Washington District, Montgomery County, Onslow County, and Person County. The Design Team met on August 27 to discuss five prototype ideas for how to embed QI activities into health departments, which teams will be testing in the coming months.

Training Update – Accreditation 101: New AAC Training and the Bi-Annual Dashboard Webinars – Registration Now Open

As we all prepare to resume site visits in 2022, we want to point everyone’s attention to the upcoming bi-annual Dashboard and New AAC trainings.

The Dashboard webinar is a prerequisite for the New AAC Training, but is also open to any local health department staff that use the NCLHDA Dashboard. The webinar provides and overview of using the NCLHDA Dashboard for evidence submission and review for all users. Now is a great time to refresh your Dashboard knowledge before site visits resume in 2022!

The New AAC training provides a basic overview of the accreditation process and the role of the AAC. The training is for new AACs, co-AACs and backup AACs.

Tuesday, October 5

  • Bi-Annual Dashboard Training 9—10:30 a.m. Register.
  • Accreditation 101: New Agency Accreditation Coordinator Training 12:30—5 p.m. Register.

Tuesday, April 26

  • Bi-Annual Dashboard Training 9—10:30 a.m.
  • Accreditation 101: New Agency Accreditation Coordinator Training 12:30—5 p.m.

Dashboard Reminders

As we return to site visits in this next year, are you looking to adjust your health department’s NCLHDA Dashboard Users? Your health department’s Org Admin Users can directly adjust user settings for the health department! Check out the “User Management” section on page 36 of the NCLHDA Dashboard User Guide for detailed instructions.

Key Dates

September 23, 2021 Monthly Webinar: A Conversation with Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB) & NCLHDA from 1011:30 a.m.
Webinar. There is no cost to attend; however, registration is required. Register.

October 5, 2021 NCLHD Accreditation bi-annual dashboard webinar from 910:30 a.m.
Webinar. There is no cost to attend; however, registration is required. Register.

October 5, 2021 NCLHD New Agency Accreditation Coordinator training from 12:305 p.m. Webinar. There is no cost to attend; however, registration is required. Register.

Tips and Tricks for Accreditation Success: Stories from the Field

COVID-19 Evidence Suggestions

The COVID-19 Response and NCLHD Accreditation HDSAI Guide highlights potential evidence opportunities related to the COVID-19 response. The guide also includes examples of how local health department are planning to use their COVID-19 response as evidence. Here are two examples of how local health departments plan to use their response to COVID-19 as evidence for Accreditation activities:

Activity 14.1 Informing Officials of Public Health Needs: Transylvania County presented updates to the Board of Commissioners about COVID-19 mitigation and about vaccination efforts.

Activity 20.2 Collaboration on Barriers to Care: Mecklenburg County partnered with the Harvey B. Gantt Center for African American Arts & Culture and StarMed to offer COVID-19 testing and vaccines in low-income communities and communities of color.

If you have an example from your agency’s response to COVID-19 that you would like to share, please email us: We look forward to hearing from you!

We want to hear from you

Share your tips and tricks for accreditation success with other local health departments across the state. If you have a tip or trick that you would like to share, send a summary – no more than 500 words – including the activity addressed and any lessons learned. Please send your submission to Stories will be shared via these monthly highlights.

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