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New Releases

Happy New Year!

We are hopeful as we step into this new year – reflecting on all the tools we have to continue fighting COVID and the ways our state has created a network of support to protect our communities over the past two years, building on our robust public health infrastructure. We also look forward to the various strategic adjustments to the Accreditation Program starting this year, thanks in large part to your involvement and feedback. We are sending all of you fuel as we embark on this new year together!

HDSAI 2022 is LIVE

The long awaited HDSAI 2022 is now in effect. As such, we have relocated it on our website. You can now find these materials under Accreditation Process > Health Department Self-Assessment Instrument (HDSAI) – or check out the direct link on our home page! Please note that we made a few small grammar and formatting adjustments from the originally released version, which are recorded in the summary of changes document.

Annual Update Webinar

Join us on Wednesday, January 26 from 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. to review 2022 Program Updates, including a thorough discussion on HDSAI Interpretation Document and Partially Remote Site Visit options. The webinar is free, but registration is required. Register today!

Have you missed previous recordings? Remember that they’re recorded and archived online!

Accreditation in Action

Quality Improvement Designing

In December, we finished our six-month Quality Improvement Design Team experience with Burke, Dare, MTW, Montgomery, Onslow, and Person Health Departments. Through this experience, we gained valuable insight about the types of quality improvement supports needed across the state, and some creative ideas of how we might create such supports. Our program was then selected to work with a Design Thinking course with UNC-CH for the Spring semester, where we will continue testing and implementing ideas.

Join us on February 22 for a Quality Improvement webinar to hear more about what the Design Team worked on and our next steps to embed QI into NCLHDA.

New to the Dashboard? Or Accreditation Overall? Hold your calendar!

Twice a year, the NCLHDA program holds Dashboard Overview Webinar and Accreditation 101: New AAC Training. These training opportunities will next be offered on Tuesday, April 26 – save the date now to ensure you can join us!

Are you looking for dashboard support in the meantime? Check out the Fall 2021 Dashboard Overview Webinar recording and the newly updated Dashboard User Guide.

Key Dates

Wednesday, January 26, 2022: Annual NCLHDA Program Update Webinar from 10 a.m.-12 p.m.
Webinar. There is no cost to attend; however, registration is required. Register.

Tuesday, February 22, 2022: NCLHDA Quality Improvement Webinar from 10-11:30 a.m.
Webinar. There is no cost to attend; however, registration is required. Register.

Interested to explore all upcoming events? Check out our Calendar page online!

Tips and Tricks for Accreditation Success: Stories from the Field

Giving the gift of HDSAI 2022

Every member of Dare’s Accreditation Team received a gift-wrapped hard copy of the new HDSAI Interpretation Document 2022 placed on their desk the week before the Christmas Holiday. No assignment was attached, simply the goal was to deliver the document in a memorable and entertaining way! The strategy was this:

  1. Having the hard copy right there on their desk may make people a little more likely to pick it up and revisit activities;
  2. Probably the members are a little numb to receiving emails from the AAC with links and attachments so this was just something a little different; and
  3. They will likely not forget that they received the document, and if so the AAC can remind them they unwrapped it in December!

The note on the document read “I hope this makes you laugh, not cry! The 2022 HDSAI Interpretation document has new updates focusing on equity and the updated PH Essential Standards. It is also supposed to be more streamlined, less restrictive, and require less evidence than previous documents.  As always let me know if you have any questions or would like to set up a time to meet.”

Thank you, Laura Willingham, for sharing such a fun accreditation story with us! If you want to hear more, you can reach out to Laura at

We want to hear from you

Share your tips and tricks for accreditation success with other local health departments across the state. If you have a tip or trick that you would like to share, send a summary – no more than 500 words – including the activity addressed and any lessons learned. Please send your submission to Stories will be shared via these monthly highlights.

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