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New Releases

Accreditation Data – Hot off the Press!

This year’s 2022 Annual Survey Results are now posted! Thank you to the 47 AACs, 31 health directors, and 24 other accreditation team members who took the time to provide our program feedback. We are taking a close look at the data and reading all comments as we plan for 2022-2023.

In addition to Annual Survey Data, we have also released an Accreditation Site Visit Data Viz to share aggregate site visit results overtime. This tool helps us see which activities are most and least met, and it lets us explore that data by health department demographics such as governance structure and economic tier. Our program has always been proud to serve all health departments, regardless of health department characteristics, and this new visualization backs that up with easy, accessible, publicly available data!

Evolving Strategy

As you can explore in our Q4 Strategic Workplan Update, our program completed nearly 60% of the individual activities outlined in the Year 1 Workplan and is in progress or completing ongoing work in an additional 25%, such that we made solid progress on 83% of outlined activities. Many not-yet-completed activities were adjusted in order to give the program sufficient time to build partnerships and engage folks throughout program changes, including changing rules in Phase 3. We’re excited by the momentum we have in these spaces to start off Year 2! We learned a lot in this first strategic workplan year, and as we work on analyzing our measures and deliverables, we are also charting the path for Year 2. Given the changing nature of the work, we’re starting off the year with a Year 2 Strategic Overview document to transparently share our intentions and build accountability.

Welcome Faith!

NCIPH is enthusiastic to welcome Faith McHale, who will be supporting the NCLHDA program as our Operations Specialist. You’ll be sure to see her name in signature lines as she helps us manage our day-to-day operations, and you may be lucky enough to spot one of her camera-loving cats on Zoom at an office hour!

Email Better than Ever

Thank you all for your patience with us as we experienced some technical difficulties with our shared email inbox. We are pleased to share that we’ve restored all emails, and we’re organizing our records better than ever! We once again encourage everyone to send accreditation-related questions to the shared inbox so that we can provide you with the best answer to your as promptly as possible.

Accreditation in Action

Join us for Office Hours!

We heard great feedback from Spring Office Hours, and we’re excited to continue offering office hours in the fall! Starting next month, monthly highlights will be paired with office hours on the first Wednesdays of August, October, November, and December. Join us from 9:30-10:30 to chat through your HDSAI interpretation and dashboard questions with program staff and connect with other LHDs across the state.

SAVE THE DATES for Fall 2022 Training

Registration is right around the corner for Fall 2022 trainings – including the NCLHDA Dashboard Overview Webinar on Wednesday, August 31 from 9-10:30 and in-person Accreditation 101: New AAC training on Monday afternoon, September 12 in Wilmington, NC. We hope to see new AACs, co-AACs, and back-up AACs there! Remember: The Dashboard Overview Webinar is a pre-requisite for the in-person New AAC training.

Registration is required and will open on July 11 for both training opportunities. In-person training will include a $50-75 registration fee to cover room and refreshment costs.

Key Dates

Wednesday, August 3: Office Hours
Virtual. There is no cost to attend; however, registration is required. Register.

Wednesday, August 31: NCLHDA Dashboard Overview Webinar from 9-10:30 a.m.
Webinar. There is no cost to attend; however, registration is required. Registration opens July 11.

Monday, September 12: Accreditation 101: New AAC Training
In-person in Wilmington. There will be a $50-75 registration fee to cover room and refreshment costs. Details and registration information will be posted on July 11.

Wednesday, October 5: Office Hours
Virtual. There is no cost to attend; however, registration is required. Register.

Interested in exploring all upcoming events? Check out our Calendar page online!

Tips and Tricks for Accreditation Success: Stories from the Field

On-Demand Training for New Staff

We know that the HDSAI Interpretation Document can be a lot for accreditation team members to orient themselves to, and we also believe in sharing accreditation with more LHD staff! To help share this information in a more digestible format, we recommend sharing the 10-minute HDSAI Overview On-Demand Training with new staff. You could even include this in staff professional development plans, asking for folks to share their certificate of completion.

On this page, you can also review a few short tutorial videos reviewing Dashboard basics. Do you have other tips and tricks for engaging new staff members? Let us know!

We want to hear from you

Share your tips and tricks for accreditation success with other local health departments across the state. If you have a tip or trick that you would like to share, send a summary – no more than 500 words – including the activity addressed and any lessons learned. Please send your submission to Stories will be shared via these monthly highlights.

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