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Supporting Local Health Department Accreditation Across N.C.'s 100 Counties

The NCLHDA team provides resources and consulting to ensure that all of North Carolina's local health departments meet and exceed the state's accreditation guidelines. Maintaining accreditation is an ongoing cycle with each department completing the reaccreditation process every four years. Learn more about the program.

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  • COVID-19 Evidence Suggestions

    The COVID-19 Response and NCLHD Accreditation HDSAI Guide highlights potential evidence opportunities related to the COVID-19 response. The guide also includes examples of how local health department are planning to use their COVID-19 response as evidence. Here are two examples … Continued

  • NCLHDA Program Monthly Highlights August 2021

    New Releases COVID-19 Response Guide Now that health departments are starting to shift some of their focus back to non-COVID related tasks, it is time to start thinking about how all that work your agency did to respond to COVID … Continued

  • Mecklenburg County Public Health – Engaging Staff in the NCLHDA Dashboard Through Microsoft Teams

    Mecklenburg County Public Health (MCPH) is engaging staff who don’t have access to the NCLDHA Dashboard by using Microsoft Teams. According to Kayla Earley, Compliance Coordinator, “With so many people working virtually, we’ve learned to utilize Microsoft Teams at its … Continued

  • NCLHDA Program Monthly Highlights July 2021

    New Releases 2020-2021 Webinar Series We are taking an Accred-a-cation from webinars in July. Instead of a monthly webinar, we will be sending some resources for you to check-out and read. We plan to start the webinar series back in … Continued

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