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2021-2022 NCLHD Accreditation Annual Report

Message from the Accreditation Administrator

Amy Belflower Thomas, MHA, MSPH, CPH

The North Carolina Local Health Department Accreditation Program focused on relaunching site visits with strategic revisions in 2021-2022. We rolled out a new and improved HDSAI Interpretation with significant content and graphic revisions and we welcomed new site visitors as we prepared to resume site visits in Fall 2022. Looking to the year ahead, we are excited to implement new site visit processes and pilots as we suggest NC Administrative Code-level revisions to accreditation activities. We look forward to finding opportunities to continue strategic projects while continuing to provide consistent, thorough site visits across the state. We are thankful for the grace we have seen extended in all directions as health departments continue responding to COVID and now as we resume site visits.

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Documents Referenced in the Annual Report

In 2021-2022, NCLHDA created and adapted many resources for the Accreditation community. These documents all live on our website, and we have compiled direct links here for easy access:

Budget Summary

View the budget summary (pdf) from FY 2021/2022 and projected FY 2022/2023 budget.


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