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  • NCLHDA Program Monthly Highlights June 2024

    New Releases Website Update You can now look up the accreditation status of a health department on our website! You can filter the table by health department name, accreditation status, accreditation adjudication date, and accreditation expiration. Click here to check … Read more

  • NCLHDA Program Monthly Highlights May 2024

    New Releases Accreditation? Tell us how you feel about it! 2024 Annual Survey We invite you to share your honest, anonymous perspectives about our program by completing the 2024 Accreditation Annual Survey. The purpose of the survey is to give … Read more

  • NCLHDA Program Monthly Highlights April 2024

    New Releases Accreditation Baby on the Way! In other exciting updates, Margaret is expecting a baby this July! Fortunately, David Stone, who has been working with NCLHDA for the past two years as our Phase 3 Coordinator, and who himself … Read more

  • NCLHDA Program Monthly Highlights March 2024

    New Releases Discussing the “Future of Accreditation” We are excited to bring together the NCLHDA Board Members, Standard Workgroup Members, Health Director Accreditation Working Group Members, and AAC Advisory Council Representatives to move forward the conversation around transforming accreditation requirements … Read more

  • NCLHDA Program Monthly Highlights February 2024

    New Releases Annual Update Webinar – Success! Thank you to the 122 people who tuned in live to our Annual Update Webinar on January 23, representing 61 of our health departments! If you missed it, or if you want to … Read more

  • NCLHDA Program Monthly Highlights January 2024

    New Releases Hot off the Press in 2024 With each calendar year, we update a handful of important resources and documents on our website. Here’s a quick reference of documents updated for the 2024 calendar year, which we will review … Read more

  • NCLHDA Program Monthly Highlights December 2023

    New Releases Honoring John Rouse We entered this week with heavy hearts in hearing about the loss of a dear colleague, friend, and leader in the accreditation community, John Rouse, Jr. John has been involved with accreditation since the very … Read more

  • NCLHDA Program Monthly Highlights November 2023

    New Releases Annual Report: Back in Action! Grab your popcorn and enjoy a fun three-minute cartoon capturing all of the work done in the North Carolina accreditation community in 2022-2023! Every fall, we release an annual report capturing accreditation activities … Read more

  • NCLHDA Program Monthly Highlights October 2023

    New Releases Annual Report – Coming Soon! Keep an eye out on our homepage for our 2022-2023 Annual Report, which we will be posting in the coming weeks. As with recent years, this will include a short video summarizing what … Read more

  • NCLHDA Program Monthly Highlights September 2023

    New Releases There’s still Time! Last Chance to Register for Fall Training Don’t miss your chance to register for our Bi-Annual Dashboard Overview Webinar or Accreditation 101: New AAC Training next week! We will close registration this Friday, September 8 … Read more