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According to Autumn Watson, Agency Accreditation Coordinator:
“Over the past two years (and one site visit), Mecklenburg County has adopted a continuous accreditation readiness approach to NCLHDA. We implemented a dedicated team from across our public health programs that meet monthly throughout the four-year accreditation cycle. Our accreditation team discusses initiatives, benchmark activities, evidence, and real-time capturing of information in efforts to maintain continuous accreditation readiness. With over 850 employees and more than 35 public health programs, accreditation communication to staff and managers is a continuous work in progress. Our team has recently implemented a quarterly middle management newsletter to assist in communication. This newsletter is brief and highlights different areas of accreditation including quality improvement initiatives, changes in staff trainings, and tips for maintaining employee personnel files. Our accreditation team strives to maintain continuous readiness while keeping staff engaged throughout the entire cycle of the accreditation process.”

For more information contact Autumn Watson:

Mechlenburg Accreditation Team photo
Mecklenburg Accreditation Team
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