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Mecklenburg County Public Health (MCPH) is engaging staff who don’t have access to the NCLDHA Dashboard by using Microsoft Teams. According to Kayla Earley, Compliance Coordinator, “With so many people working virtually, we’ve learned to utilize Microsoft Teams at its fullest potential. We’ve created our own internal dashboard for Accreditation so that we can add additional members to the Accreditation Team without them needing access to the real dashboard.” (see images below). She explains, “This gives us a quick snapshot of what is needed, to whom it is assigned, its progress, and the timeframe in which it is due. I also linked the HDSAI directly to a Teams tab so that members can easily find it.”

One benefit of using the Planner tool in Teams is that tasks can be copied from year to year, meaning the AAC doesn’t have to recreate the wheel each year. While the person assigned and the dates may need to change, the tasks can easily be copied over and updated. MCPH arranges annual tasks into “buckets” named for the fiscal year. The team uploads evidence to each task for a one-stop place to save and review documents. Planner’s dashboard automatically updates to keep track of overdue items, items due by bucket, and items assigned to each person.

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