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After the SVT report is presented at the NCLHD Accreditation Board Meeting, the following process can be followed to request an appeal or extension.

Appeals/Extension Process

The LHD may request the Board review all relevant information and consider a change in decision of the request verbally during the meeting at the conclusion of their agency’s report or in writing to the AA within 10 business days of the Board meeting. If the recommendation from the SVT is for Conditional Reaccreditation, the Local Health Department director may request a 21-day extension (Status Appeal) and present additional written evidence as allowed by 10A NCAC 48A .0203. The written evidence cannot be newly created documentation. It may be any documentation that was in place as of the beginning of the site visit.
The AA notifies the Board Chair that an appeal has been received. If the LHD requests an extension the Board defers a vote on the recommendation. If the LHD does not request an extension, the Board may vote on the recommendation or request more information from the LHD.
The Board Chair determines if the appeal will be heard by either the Board or the Appeals Committee. The appeal may be denied if it does not change the outcome of the recommendation for accreditation status. The Board has up to 90 days to issue a decision to the LHD. (Note: the 90-day period commences on the day that the request for the extension is made). To be considered, written evidence must be received by the Board within 21 days of the Board meeting.
If the appeal is to be heard, the Board Chair convenes the Appeals Committee, which will consider the information presented by the LHD. The Appeals Committee may determine a response either through a committee meeting or through a formal hearing. The written evidence is forwarded to the Appeals Committee. After receipt by the Appeals Committee, it is also forwarded to the SVT for review.
If a hearing will be held, a date is set by the Board Chair within 30 days of the receipt of the request. The SVT scores each Activity for which written evidence is submitted, compares the evidence to the original evidence reviewed during the site visit and to the SQI and provides a written report of their findings to the Appeals Committee.
The AA notifies the LHD of the hearing date. The Appeals Committee reviews the SVT report. The Appeals Committee may also review the written documentation in accordance with the interpretation guidelines and score the Activities based upon the guidelines and the recommendations of the SVT. The Committee has the option of requesting additional information from the SVT or the LHD.
The Board shall act on the request within 60 calendar days of the receipt of the request. The Appeals Committee recommendation is forwarded to the Board for adjudication.
The decision of the Board is final and shall be communicated in writing. The Board Chair convenes the Board (by conference call or in person) for a vote on the accreditation status for the LHD. The Board may choose to vote on accreditation status at the next regularly scheduled Board meeting. If the next regularly scheduled meeting is after the 90-day period, a response will be sent to the LHD detailing the actions of the Board. If the Board confers conditional accreditation status, a report of the evaluation of the evidence will be provided to the LHD.

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